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Psalm 100:2a Serve the LORD with gladness.

Updated: May 2, 2023

It should be a pleasure to serve the Lord. It is not a hardship. It is not burdensome. It is fulfilling and it makes you break out in a praise. Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. There are no constraints put on us. We have been delivered from the chains of bondage.

Our praise should be filled with joy. Shouts of joy!! I am free! Jesus set me free! There is joy in this here house. When I say house, I mean my vessel, my body, my inner parts. I am beaming. The Son is lit within my soul. I am full of vitality. I am offering up a blissful praise.

The work I do for the Lord is a gratification. I know that it is all good. It honors Him and points people to Him. Let us continue to make an impact on our world. That onlookers will see God's good work and see His glory. We can do this!

Revealed in humanity

Tidings of happiness

News spread

From corner to corner

Is your spirit open?

Ears turned

Into the emotional frequency

Patented by the Holy Spirit

Traveling heart to heart

Welcome all ye souls

To the grand celebration

Lifted up beyond barriers

Limitless and soaring

Saints all adoring

My time is well spent

In immediate service

We gather as one

Footsteps prodding the minds

In agreement with the manuscript

Of life, Our life line

Unadulterated writings

Searing the inner man

Effects that lead to joy

Poem by TheRedInkSpot

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