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Ezekiel 28:16 therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God.

Oh, what a tumble! The fall of the anointed cherub. Created with such beauty and splendor. Fashioned by the Most High. Perfect in all its ways. Our foe was a sight to behold and he allowed that to completely destroy him. He was full of pride and that caused him to lose everything. His position, his beauty, his privileges, his wisdom. He walked on the holy mountain of God but was expelled from God’s presence.

Let this be a lesson to us. That we must not allow ourselves to be puffed up. Pride comes before destruction and a haughty spirit comes before a fall. We need to know that we need God. We cannot do life on our own terms. If there is any inkling of pride, then we must be humble and ask for that to be removed from us. Like the scripture says, search me O’ God, try me and know my thoughts. Remove all the iniquity. It is a daily prayer.

Exquisitely crafted

With the finger of the Most High

Perfected beauty in all facets

Choked by the sting of pride

Iniquity trapped and banished

From the stones of fire

Footsteps now on earth

The holy mountain

No longer your stepping place

Your descent is permanent

Eternal, nefarious being

Poem By TheRedInkSpot

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