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1 Corinthians 6:19a - Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.

It is a new year and lots of people are looking to improve their life by changing their bodies. Get into shape for 2023. Work out at the gym. Cut calories and fat. Eliminate salt and sugar. Get more sleep. All good things. But why is it hard for us to keep up with all these things? Let’s take a look and try a different approach.

Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit dwells inside of us. A temple is a place of worship. Our bodies were made to worship Him. A temple that should be clean. We need upkeep. We need restoration. We need rejuvenation. We have to keep our bodies in check. That is where temperance comes into play.

Temperance is part of the fruit of the Spirit. Temperance is simply self-restraint, moderation, abstinence, prohibition. Gluttony is a sin. That means overdoing it. Indulging and going past the point. Naturally this includes food and drink consumption but not limited to those things. It is all appetites and passions. Those appetites have to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. Remember who lives inside of you. Let’s make the Holy Spirit a living space where he is welcomed to reside.

Dwell within me richly

I make room for you

Poem by TheRedInkSpot

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