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Romans 2:1 For there is no respect of persons with God.

God does not play favorites. We all get to share in the goodness of God. We all matter to Him. He gives everyone the same love, joy, peace, wellness, etc. if you live in His love. No one is excluded. There are no exceptions. Just live out the word of God and see His glory.

We are grafted in the kingdom of God. The word says we inherit the kingdom. God allows us to partake. It is our rite of passage from the old life into the new. It is our birthright when you are born into the family of God. Think about how you are a child of God. His child. He is responsible for you. All your needs are taken care of. He got it. He got you. Yes, that was meant to be improper English. So let Him have His way and have you.

We land on the same plane

The field is vast and white

Filled with praises

Brothers and sisters

Around the globe

Greeted with the Holy Ghost

We stay united

Poem by TheRedInkSpot

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