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Revelation 21:1 for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away.

Out with the old and in with the new.

So many people are concerned about what they can accomplish in this life. All the prestigious awards, chart records, high marks. Those footprints don’t mean much. Our mind should be on the things above. Heavenward. All those things will be washed away like the sand on the ocean floor. It doesn’t mean to live like frivolously. We should be building His kingdom.

Some dream of making it big. Some take great pride in the being the first, the biggest, the longest and strongest. When it is all said and done. What does it matter? What does it really all mean? Are these things done just to stick your chest out and prance around like a peacock displaying its colorful plumes?

Remember only what we do for Christ will last.

Heard my heart say

It is time to go away

Unbothered by the space

On earth I live

For tomorrow’s promise

Set out for today

Poem by TheRedInkSpot

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