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Psalm 29:11 The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.

My mind seems to always be at work. Busy, busy, busy. Especially when it comes to my new job responsibilities. Lately I have been feeling nervous about missing something crucial because I strive to perform my job with excellence. I don’t want to let my team members down. Along with that I was dealing with a cold, a strain in my chest, lump in my throat, stomach and back pain from something I consumed and through it all I managed to stay afloat. I owe it all to Jesus.

I also was thinking about my doctor appointment, the wellbeing of my mom, my son, other family and friends. I did feel anxious at times to be honest, not about everything it was mostly work. The word comes to me to not be anxious but pray. That is what I kept doing when I would have those feelings. As I talked to the Lord about things that troubled me, I started to feel His peace. Jesus said that He gave us His peace.

Even when my confidence is shaky in my abilities, I put my trust in the Lord. He is faithful and helps me. I thank God for bringing His word to my mind. I know that all is well, all is whole, all is in God’s hands. These are the messages I hear from His Spirit and I choose to believe.

Pain exists but for a moment

It is a fleeting feeling

Taken by surprise my weakness

Falling under control of your strength

Engulfed in troubles

I look to the promise

Of the fiery presence of God

To drive out the sorrow

Peace arrives in my soul

Poem By TheRedInkSpot

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