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Psalm 25:5a Lead me in thy truth, and teach me

Truth has become subjective today. People like to use the phrase My Truth but there is only truth. There is only one who is Truth and His name is Jesus. He said that He is the Truth. He really is and I love Him so much. He sent the Comforter to us and leads us into ALL truth. We do not have to worry or wonder if we are going in the right direction. All we need do is rely on the Holy Spirit and He will show us the way we should go. What a load off our shoulders! Read the Word of God and know that it is true. All bases are covered. Like the song says God will take care of you.

We should seek the Lord. As we do this, He will guide us. Jesus taught the disciples through parables making it simple for the disciples to understand. Relatability. That is the word that comes to mind. All of the things we go through are well known by Jesus because He walked this way before us.

A lighted pathway

To all things true

The Spirit is calling

Poem By TheRedInkSpot

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