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‭‭Psalm‬119:9a‬ ‭Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?

Updated: Jan 13

I was watching a YouTube video and a question was asked about body count. For those that don’t know, that is how many sexual partners you had. Most of the answers were in the double digits from young adults. I would say they were in their early twenties. My heart was troubled because I think of how society treats sex, how it is not sacred and there are no limits on what people engage in. At one point in time, being promiscuous was frowned on but with each passing year, it is treated as no big deal. It is the norm.

Back in ancient times, King David asked how can a young man be pure? The answer was a desire to be pure. We know the story of Bathsheba. But David still had a heart that wanted to please God. He recognized the need for purity. If you are someone who has engaged in sexual sin, know that God can, and will forgive you. The way to overcome is by living in the love that God has for you. Know that in His word is victory. Have that word in your spirit rooted deep and watch that fruit grow. The Holy Spirit will help you to be pure in every area not just in a sexual manner but every area in your mind and in your heart.

Fleeting youthful passions That take one down Wallow in immoral seas Living for pleasure Rather than living for God That spreads as a cancer The mind has to know The end is imminent Of all falls down The peril is beckoning Rise to seek His good ways

Poem By TheRedInkSpot

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