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Proverbs 4:5 Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not.

The value of having wisdom. It seems like a missing ingredient in many lives today. Wisdom keeps you with a level head. It makes one prudent. It makes one firstly go to God in prayer to receive counsel from Him. It makes you open up the bible to see what is in there. What you find in God’s word will nourish your soul.

Along with having wisdom, one must have the understanding. Wisdom with understanding is a winning pair. After knowing what to do, one must learn how to do. It is not enough just knowing that a car needs to be fixed but understanding how it works in order for it to be repaired. God not only knows what the problems are in life, but he knows how to avoid them and how to help us through them. He understands what needs to happen and can give us that same understanding.

Hold on to what you know through wisdom. Keep in it fresh in your mind. It will set your life on a path where you live in peace.

Joined in peaceful unity

A sound ringing in my mind

It beckons me to listen

The God of my desire

I cherish your word

Feasting in the lap of richest blessings

I savor the printed pages

They rest sweetly

Poem by TheRedInkSpot

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