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Numbers 23:19a God is not a man, that he should lie.

God should not lie. This is the way I see that concept. Not only will He not lie but He cannot lie. It is not possible for Him to lie. It is not in His nature. He is truth. He speaks truth. You can bank on it. That is security. You do not have to question where God stands. He is always going to be true. He is the absolute truth. In this day and age people like to suggest relative truth. That kind of truth is based on what you feel is true. Your feelings can be false. Sometimes the way you feel is not always in agreement with truth. It is a deception from the evil one. That is man’s way of thinking but God’s way is not like man’s way. He does not lie.

I can count on you

You always see me through

Every word you say

Brightens my gloomy day

You are filled with love

My God in heaven above

Truth is what you speak

These words I will keep

Poem by TheRedInkSpot

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