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Acts 17:28a For in him we live, and move, and have our being.

God is in all, with all, for all. He is everything we need. We have God’s imprint on us. He is in our DNA. We are made in the image of God. He breathed life into all. We are filled with Him.

Our life is not our own. But In that life are choices. We are not robots. The only way to succeed in this life is to be in step with the Creator. By success I mean live in the kingdom. What is the kingdom? Peace, joy, goodness, hope, all the aspects of God. Agape love to the fullest. There is no greater love.

God is not a myth, a fairytale or fable. He is real. He can be sensed. He is not deaf, dumb or blind. He sees and knows all things. He knows the heart of every person. The darkness that is in an individual can be extinguished by the light of God. That is what we all were made for.

God wants us to know Him. He wants all to come to Him. Come and dine at the table and receive the blessings of God’s love. The fullness of God brings life. Life is available for all.


Gold, silver and pearls

None as precious

As this life we hold

Made with hands sparked by love

Indwelling of the Spirit of God

Be all and in all

Poem By TheRedInkSpot




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