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Matthew 11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Rest can be permanent. Now I am not talking about resting your body but rest your mind and rest in the Lord.

I remember when I first moved in my house, and it got burglarized. I was so upset about it. I felt violated. I was violated. It was the first place of my own and someone broke in and took just about everything. I didn’t have much but that didn’t matter. They invaded my home. After that incident, I couldn’t sleep. I would try to go to sleep but I couldn’t stay sleep. I would lay there thinking about what happened and it was consuming me. I would look out the windows to see if anyone was lingering around. I would check to make sure the doors and windows were locked several times throughout the day. Then I got fed up and I chose to trust in God. I said I am not going to be afraid anymore. I am getting in my bed, and I am going to sleep. I am not getting out of it to check anything. I was determined to rest in God’s capable hands knowing that He is watching over me. I chose to rest not only physically but more so spiritually. It wasn’t easy at first but night after night as I did this it became easier and easier.

The only place to truly find rest is the Lord. There is no other place it is found.

Emerald hues of lush pastures

Await every soul that comes

Lie down by the calm, cool waters

Ah, refreshed by the Master

The Good Shepherd that leads

Has taken all the burden of cares

The toil is no more

The weight is lifted

I run free from worry

I roam about in His glory

I rest in the heavenly oasis of His love

Poem by TheRedInkSpot

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