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John 15:4a Abide in me, and I in you.

We are connected to the Savior. We have the same spiritual DNA. With this in mind, the ways of this world are not for to possess but rather we ought to be about the kingdom of God. Jesus spoke about the kingdom. He walked, talked and lived the kingdom. His mission was to bring the kingdom. He did and now we have the blessing of living in the kingdom.

That kingdom produces a life of goodness, faith, peace, joy and most of all love. That is the evidence that shows whose we are abiding. We have to be fruitful. The fruit shows what is at the core. If we have the mind of Christ, then we have to walk in the way he walked. The way is love. Love is the strongest force that exists. It triumphs all sorts of wickedness.

A we walk hand and hand with the King, we will continue to display all of His character. Do not give up on yourself. Even if you see mistakes and failures in your life. The victory is in the perseverance. Be patient and vigilant in your walk. Be determined to never give up and stop walking and turn the other way. It is not a race that is bestowed to the fastest or the mightiest but the one that endures to the end.


Nomadic land filled giants

Just passing through to my homeland

In glorious delight I stand

On the promises of God perched are my feet

An ever-simple truth it is

He rescued me I am solid now

Fixed and destined my mind is

This realm is clear and blissful

Oh, what a joy here remains

All forever days will be free

Bound no longer to sin

Poem By TheRedInkSpot

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