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Ephesians 2:5 Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved)

Lately it has been a real thing where it is difficult to see a difference between the church and the world. The standard of holiness seems to be lost or maybe a better word is forsaken. We are no longer children of darkness but have been called out. We are children of the Light. Darkness and light are opposing forces. There is no commonality between the two. They are at odds with each other. There is no grey zone. The distinction should be clear and this is why.

There is a new life that awaits us if we choose to follow Christ. We are no longer slaves to sin. Think about that. We do not have to sin anymore. That old nature is no longer a part of us. When Jesus died on the cross all of our sins were covered by His death. He was buried but resurrected to a new life. This has enabled us to now live a new life.

The things that we used to do; we do not do anymore. The way we used to live; we do not live that way anymore. Now I know we may not have all the victory in every area of our life. But the focus should not be on those things, the focus has to be on the love that God has for you. This love compels you to want to please Him. You desire to have a close, intimate relationship with the Lord. We know sin will keep us from having that closeness. So, what do we do? We allow the Holy Spirit to change us. We look to see how can I please you, Lord? I want to do Your will. It is all about You. The heart seeks what is right. The heart seeks the love of the One that loved us first. It comes down to where is your heart? Thank God for His grace, his undeserved favor that helps us along the way as we seek.

Shall I march to the beat of my own drum?

Shall I dance to the tune of my own heart?

Is this the right step for my foot?

Is this where I am to be planted?


Guided by the desire of self

No place in time is precise for me

If I travel down this road

My flesh will eat me up


Lifted on the wings of prayer

Inside I am turning

A transformation is setting its way

Steering and stirring me to action


I call upon You for help

Your ears are not deafened to my cry

Open arms catch me as I fall

On my face to seek You


A new territory I chart

This place seems familiar

Home at last and free

I belong here

Poem By TheRedInkSpot

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