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Revelation 3:20b I will come in to him and eat with him.

God desires relationship. He really desires relationship. He pursues us. He pursues us because He wants relationship. He knows what that pursuit is all about and what it takes to reach each one of us. God made it so simple for us to have relationship. He wants us to fixate on Him. He knows the heart of man. He knows all about us.

Think about the relationships you have with people. It is the same kind of thing with God. Relationship is Him to talking to us and we talking to Him. It is telling Him how much you love Him and He tells us how much He loves us. It is just sitting His presence thinking on Him. You can be still and be quiet and just think. Selah is what it is called. Let’s just take some time right now to Selah. Pause and think about Him.

The love

Enraptured by it

My attention

Working and getting it

Here, Lord

Focused on you


Relentless for your children

Poem By TheRedInkSpot

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