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Psalm 25:8 Good and upright is the Lord.

I was in a conversation that struck a chord with me. The person said something that suggested why is God not healing this person fully of all their diseases. God has healed them tremendously. It seemed at some point was this person even going to survive. But they still have some sight issues. I did not like what the person was implying about God. It is as if to say that God is not good. His character is good. He is goodness. The person could regain their sight and be healed from all diseases but still not have a fulfilling life.

I know you have heard of the rich and famous who have everything money can buy. They seem to have it all. Good health, great loving family, a successful career, millions of dollars, they are living the life that many chase after but you find out that these people are depressed. Many have ended their own life and you think to yourself but they had everything. But the one thing they did not have is a relationship with Jesus. He makes all the difference. He makes life worth living.

Less is more as the saying goes

If my less gives me more of you


The proximity between the two

Let’s me know what is true


Managing the expectation

Seeing what I know


The goodness of God

The upside is where I live


The retail price is free

The payoff contentment

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