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John 6:48 I am that bread of life.

I had an opportunity to tell a woman a few days ago that I put my hope in Jesus. She was wishing me a merry and safe Christmas. She put a lot of emphasis on safe. She is hoping for a better world. She is like many people looking for a better tomorrow. They want peace and want people to live in harmony. But may not realize that this world was made in perfect harmony. In the beginning, God created everything in this world and it was good. But then one thing happened to make that all change. It was sin. Sin has caused the destruction of humanity. Sin has blackened the heart of man. Made us hate one another causing all the greed, the hunger, the injustice, the suffering and the pain.

The hope is in Jesus. He is the bread of life. As you partake of his sacrifice, and invite Him into your heart to be Savior and Lord, then you will have life eternal. There will come a day as promised in the word of God where the world will be at peace, there will be no school shootings, diseases, famine, murders, abuse, the world will be made anew. The old earth will be gone. A new earth will be here. The time for that world is drawing near. Nearing as each day goes by. Nearing as each year goes by. Our Savior Jesus is soon to return like He said He would do. We can look and see the signs of His coming. He told us that when we see these signs, we would know that His coming is near. The time is now to eat of the sacrifice. Eat that bread so that life will be yours.

It does not matter how the day looks

What matters is how you look at the day

I look at the day through the Savior's eyes

I fear no evil as I walk this road

He is my companion on this trek

His word is life to my spirit

It gives me the nourishment I need

Facing each day with vigor

That no enemy can conquer


When I step on the celestial streets

I will sing and dance

Rumbling up the heavens

My fellow citizens of kingdom

Will chime in with praises

The angels cry and the people shout

Hallelujah echoing throughout

This is the promise fulfilled

Forever with the Lord will I be

Poem By TheRedInkSpot

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