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2 Peter 3:9b not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

Updated: Jan 30

God is patient with us even though some people may think He is not patient. Some may think He is eager to send you to Hell and destroy you but that is not true. He gives us chance after chance to turn away from sin and come to Him. He is long-suffering. Every breath you take is an opportunity to repent and follow Him. Let us travel back and look at the Great Flood.

The people of the earth had several years to go into the ark. Noah did not build the ark in a day, or a week or even a year but it took several years. Some scholars even estimate that it could have been 75 years for the ark to be completed. Think about that, all those years that the people in the land had to come into the ark of safety. God has not changed. He still gives us many chances to repent because He does not want anyone to perish. He is love. He is love as a noun and a verb. He loves us so much that it says in John 3:16 that He sent His beloved son Jesus to be our savior. The Son loves us so much that He sacrificed His life on our behalf. All we need do is run into the ark of safety who is Jesus. Do not let years go by like the people in Noah's day did. Make that decision now and commit your life to Jesus. God is waiting.

I am always trying to figure it out

Tired of the questions, fear and doubt

No more looking to and fro

Where do I stand? What am I to know?

It pains my heart, it tears my soul

Yet having confidence is my goal

I see it in the distance like a flicker of light

It is coming closer and now in plain sight

God speaks, I listen, incline my ear

He is patient with me and it is clear

All His might in His hand to save

The ones of those who the path is paved

He does not wish for any to be lost

The beloved Son has paid the cost

God waits for all to yield their yes

He loves mankind with love that is limitless

Poem By TheRedInkSpot

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